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Smart Metering

Here at Atlantic Gas and Power, we understand Smart Meters.

Smart Meters can provide many benefits including increased analysis of your energy usage and accurate billing. Knowing how much you owe at any one time and no nasty shocks when you receive your energy bill.

They enable you to see when you’re using the most energy and how much it’s costing you. This means you can adapt your energy use, working smarter to cut down on waste to provide long-term carbon and financial savings.'(Source: Energy Savings Trust 2014). They provide you with accurate and real-time information about your energy use, enabling you to make informed decisions about your energy usage.

Smart Meters are part of a government drive to lower the carbon foot print and improve energy usage throughout the UK. By 2020 all homes and businesses will have smart meters in their properties with the majority of meters programmed to be installed between 2016 and 2019. Smart Meters are provided free of charge by the energy supplier and do not prevent you switching supplier at the end of your contract.